Beauty bloggers to follow for makeup inspiration

Beauty bloggers to follow for makeup inspiration

Beauty BroadcastBeauty Broadcast is blog featuring all sorts of beauty reviews including this new Urban Decay Electric palette (which I need to get my hands on). The looks are gorgeous and the reviews are nicely in depth.Into the GlossInto the Gloss is a beauty news site written by a number of talented beauty writers. It features gorgeous photos, product reviews and more.

Tanya BurrTanya Burr’s blog is full of beauty, fashion and…

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How to wear: Vintage

How to wear: Vintage

Vintage clothes are easy to find and you can buy them from anything from $5 up to $500. It’s the kind of fashion that will make you stand out but you do have to make a little bit of effort when hunting down beautiful pieces. You may be able to find vintage gems in thrift stores but a dedicated vintage shop would be the best place to start. You might have to have a bit of a rummage and try on…

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Wearable tech is here to stay

Wearable tech is here to stay

There’s been so much information thrown at us for the past year about wearable technology. We’ve been wowed by Google Glass, bombarded by new smartwatch announcements and there are more wearable fitness trackers out there than we can shake a stick at. It looks like wearable tech is here to stay, though, so here’s a round up of the coolest.

Google Glass


Google Glass wearers do look a little silly…

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Cool cycling clothing to make you stand out on the road

Cool cycling clothing to make you stand out on the road

I’ve been thinking about getting into cycling. The reason being is that I live about a 35 minute walk from my city’s centre. If I had a bike, I’d be able to cut down on my time spent out of the office when I want to go to the gym, for a coffee or shopping. I’ve been Shoplinking some really cool cycling clothes and I wanted to share them with you.


A long sleeved cycling jersey is so important for…

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The ultimate UK road trip

The ultimate UK road trip

The UK is an amazing place to visit. You could see everything from the bustling streets of London to the mountains of Scotland. It seems that more and more visitors from the USA are holidaying in Scotland, according to research conducted by There’s been an 11% rise since last year in people from the USA visiting this beautiful country. There’s been a huge boost in the UK…

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The best low-heeled shoes

The best low-heeled shoes

We’re not all amazing at walking around in high heels but there’s something really great about how heels make an outfit look. Here are some low-heeled shoes that will turn heads. See them all here.

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The best of rompers

The best of rompers

You’ve obviously all got summer fever, so many of you have been shoplinking rompers over the past couple of weeks! I wanted to share some of the cutest ones.

Take a look at all the jumpsuits and rompers here. Feel free to add some of your own!

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Kitchen gardens that will make you want to grow one today

Kitchen gardens that will make you want to grow one today

The kitchen garden is a garden full of food. There aren’t any hard and fast rules as to what you should grow and the layout of your garden but here are some examples of really beautiful spaces to grow plants that can really complement your cooking.

1A big garden full of herbs, veg and flowers with a really simple brick pathway. This is a great example of what to do with your whole garden.


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We can’t get enough of printed shoes

We can’t get enough of printed shoes

Recently, I’ve been doing a lot of window shopping online. There’s so much I want to buy and most of it is contained to the footwear section of all the stores I frequent. I’ve been seeing a huge surge in printed shoes. From leopard trainers to tropical high heels. I thought I’d share some of the most spectacular here but you can see even more over at my Shoplinkz list.Desert

These ASOS boots are…

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How to wear: Cleated shoes

How to wear: Cleated shoes

Cleated shoes: A night out Cleated shoes: A night out by shoplinkz featuring silk blouses

The pastel pink cleated sole boots add a fierce edge to even the most girly of looks. They’ll give you lots of height and will make your legs look long so team them with skinny jeans and some complementary colors.

Cleated shoes: Dungarees Cleated shoes: Dungarees by shoplinkz featuring a liquid eyeliner

Flatform shoes are great for festivals as they…

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